Club and Advisor of the Year

European club voted club of the year!

The week before finals, Student Life organized an awards banquet to recognize all the great clubs and organizations for the year.  Club and organization leaders and advisors are invited to this event and are given certificates and awards to show appreciation for their contributions for that year.

My friend Jytte (Vice-president of the European Club) and I (president of the European Club) got chosen by the European club advisor, Lansing, to attend the dinner. At the awards banquet, they also give out an award for the best event, best advisor and best club of the year.  My dream was to win one of those awards.

From left: Lansing Bryan, Jytte Hendrikse, Kiki van Essen

From left: Lansing Bryan, Jytte Hendrikse, Kiki van Essen

At the very end of the banquet, those prizes were given out.  I was really nervous. The first prize that was given out, the one for the best event, was won by the Ministery of Madness, an improv club at Green River. They organized an event to raise money with humor. Than it was time for the second award, the one for the best Club of the year. The presenter told a story about a club that organized events like ice skating, berry picking, roller skating and a museum trip. When I heard the description, I  knew that we had won! The European Club got the best club of the year award!!! I was so happy!  After we got the prize, the presenter told us to stay on the stage, because she wanted to announce that the European Club Advisor won the Club Advisor of the year! The European club not only has the best club,  but also the best advisor! :)

If you would like to join our club next fall, let me know.


Big tree

Hiking at Mt. Rainier

photo 1In late May, I went to see all the beauty that mount Rainier offers with some friends and someone that knows Mt. Rainier very well.  I went up the mountain last year with my host family, but it is always nice to go somewhere in a different time of the year. The roads and some trails just opened after being closed for the winter. When we were getting close to the mountain, there was a lot of snow next to the roads. It made me feel as if we were back in the winter again.

Bruce, our guide for the day, took us first to a place with HUGE trees. To get to those trees, we needed to cross a bridge over a river. Some of the trees were chopped or fallen down. There were wooden paths through these trees.

We drove on and stopped at some other awesome places. We saw a very deep cliff that is photo 3made by water that goes through it. The log was really deep and very spectacular.

A little bit further on, there was a big waterfall. Bruce thought that the path down to the waterfall was still closed, but we were lucky and were able to get down. Though the way down was a little scary because wtarethere was still half a meter of snow on the trail. The waterfall was photo 4gorgeous.

We really wanted to go hiking as well, but because it started to get a little late and everyone got a bit tired and hungry, we decided to go to Bruces house and spend a little time on the lake that is behind his house. That was so awesome because there are a lot of big houses on the lake, so we were amazed by the beautiful homes. We spent the rest of the evening playing pickleball.  It is a mixture of badminton, tennis, ping pong and some other racket and ball games.

boat group     tom

alki beach jumping

Nordic Heritage Museum and Alki Beach

The groupLast Saturday, the European Club organized an event to the Nordic Heritage Museum and Alki beach. As the president of the European club I of course joined. A total of 19 people came on the trip, and I think each one of them enjoyed it.

First we went to the Nordic Heritage Museum, a museum that shares Nordic culture and tells the history of the first Scandinavian people that settled in America. The museum was pretty fun. There were many exhibits like stores, neighborhoods  and other things rebuilt from the old days.

After the Nordic Heritage Museum, we drove to Nouveau Bakery, a really good French bakery, to get yummy sandwiches and other pastries. I really enjoyed the macaroons there.

After we all got our sandwiches, we went to eat them on Alki beach, which is a beach with view on the Seattle skyline. The weather predictions were not that good, but luckily we kept dry and we even had a little sun.Nordic Heritage Museum


Spring Break in Seattle

It’s been 3 weeks already since we’ve had spring break. Last year I went to San Francisco, but this year I decided to stay in Seattle area. Seattle is a great place to hang out, and this spring I got the chance to really enjoy the city.

Blossom at University of Washington

Cherry blossoms at University of Washington

Spring break is the best time to go to University of Washington. The University is known for its Cherry blossoms. The flowers are almost all out around spring break and it’s  very beautiful to go there with  friends and take beautiful pictures. Something else that the university is known for is the beautiful library, which is oftentimes called the “Harry Potter Library.” And it’s called like that for a reason. :)

Fremont Troll

Fremont Troll

Only 15 minutes from the University of Washington is the Fremont troll – a huge troll that is “hidden” under a bridge. It has a car in it’s hands and the story is that the troll took the car from the bridge above.

If you are in Seattle, you should visit the Pike Place market, a huge covered market where they sell fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, flowers and all sorts of other things. There are a lot of people there and it is a fun place to hang out.

Tulips for sale at Pike Place Market

Tulips for sale at Pike Place Market