Ski to Sea – Philipp Hahn, Germany

Philipp Hahn is 21 years old and came to Green River Community College for the Green River to California Gap Year Program (formerly known as the Ski to Sea Gap Year progra. He is from Dortmund, Germany.

Philipp Hahn, Dortmund, Germany
Philipp Hahn, Dortmund, Germany

The Green River to California Gap Year Program is designed to provide a nine month learning experience at two colleges on the west coast of the United States. Students travel the west coast of North America from Vancouver, Canada to San Diego, California during their stay at Green River and Santa Barbara Community Colleges. The program allows students to design a study program to fit their individual needs.

“The Green River to California program is great because I get to experience two different American lifestyles – the Pacific Northwest and California beaches,” said Philipp.

At Green River Community College Philipp lives in student housing. He has two American roommates and one from China.

Philipp spent his first quarter working on his English skills. He took Intensive English classes.  Now he is enjoying working on campus as a International Student Ambassador. “I help organize soccer tournaments for students and trips to professional soccer, football ,baseball games, and skiing trips to Whistler, B.C.”

He likes the atmosphere at Green River. “I meet students from many different parts of the world. It is very different from my school in Germany where there are few International students.”

He is looking forward to his stay in California in January where he will enjoy studying near the sunny beaches of Santa Barbara.


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