To Whistler and Beyond!

On Friday, December 14th 2012, a group of Green River Community College students left for a skiing trip to the not so distant land of Canada. Far and wide they went, deep into the mountains, they arrived in Whistler, B.C. after a 6 hour drive in “comfortable” coach buses.


From Left:  Max de Graaf and Koen Valks, from the Netherlands, mentally preparing for tubing down the mountain at Whistler.

We were afraid we would never arrive but at last here we were. The view was spectacular. The night was falling upon our arrival and the reflection of the sun made the snow covered village look like a work of art. When I left the bus, still silenced by the beauty of the small village, the cold came like a big surprise. After spending hours in the packed bus I had no idea there was a thing as cold, yet here it was. Luckily the hotel was not far away and with my bag in hand, I rushed into the luxurious lobby. I personally felt like the king of the world, like I was living in the lap of luxury. Looking around I saw the others did not fancy themselves as lucky as me and saw the luxury as standard. The room I shared with my friends: Jacob and Robbin from Sweden and Koen from the Netherlands was smaller than I had imagined from looking at the lobby, but it was more than I needed.

After only half an hour in the room, we were walking back into the outside world. This time I had a bit more protection from the cold on me. Walking around town looking for some equipment we found ourselves at the foot of the mountain within minutes. For me, someone who is not very experienced with mountains, it was a magnificent thing to see. It looked like the mountain went on forever.  Even in the eyes of my companions, who are from Sweden and have lived in the mountains for most of their life, I saw admiration for the mountain. That night we ate like kings. We did not care about the money we were spending. Most of us enjoyed the fact that we were able to drink at 19 here in Canada. However much we enjoyed the town and all of what it had to offer we got into bed relatively early, for Saturday would be a day to remember!


From Left: Jacob Ohner and Robbin Johnsson, Sweden. Even after all the Skiing Jacob had too much energy.

Most of us got up early for a day on the slopes, a day of skiing and snowboarding. All day long my friends would fall and get back up again. They left at the break of dawn and went up that mountain with nothing but bravery and fear in their eyes. Not me, I lacked the money to go skiing or snowboarding. So I did something far braver, I went tubing. Now for those who do not know what tubing is, it is an activity where one takes a rubber “tube”, which is nothing more than a glorified car tire, and goes down a mountain on it. Very similar to skiing or snowboarding, only tubing takes neither skill nor effort. Fun was all we had. After our adventure on the mountains we met up with the rest of our crew and we hit a small barbeque place where we told the stories of the day and cooled down a bit. As I suspected there had been a lot of going up and down of mountains and they all seemed very happy with that fact.

After dinner we left for the hotel and warmed up a bit in the hot tubs of the hotel. Again the luxury of the place was stunning. The next day we left the hotel very early and wandered around Whistler for a couple of hours. After hours of wandering about, the coach bus was waiting for us again and once more we were heading home.

In the end I cannot think of a better way to spend a weekend than hanging out in Canada.

See photos from Whistler, B.C. Trip


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