The European Club’s first meeting.

On January 17th  Green River Community College’s  European Club held its very first meeting. Eighteen students showed up representing countries from Sweden, Norway, The Netherlands, Kazakhstan, South Korea, and other parts of Asaia.

Green River's European Club

18 students showed up to the first European Club meeting

Koen Valks, the president of the GRCC European Club, kicked off the meeting with  introductions of the board and club advisors.  We then did  a round of introductions of all the people who showed up. Not only was the number of attendants to our first meeting way more than I could’ve initially dreamed,  also the cultural diversity was a lot greater than I expected.  I expected to see folks mainly from Scandinavia and the Netherlands, but  I was happy to see people from all over the world. Although the majority were European, we also had people from South Korea and other parts of Asia attending our meeting. The interest non-Europeans showed in our club was heartwarming –  even as I write this blog, requests to join the GRCC European Club keep coming in from people from Russia, Kazakhstan, Italy, Moldova and many more.

After introductions we started talking about what activities we would like to do as a club. We got a lot of positive reactions from all of the members. Many of the ideas had to do with experiencing European culture, mainly food. What can I, as a European, wish for more than eating “real” European food?

At the end of the meeting we took a  photo of those who came to our first meeting, and with the help of a nice gentleman passing by, even I could be in the picture (that’s me in the front).

Now I can see that the Club we created, in order to give people a better understanding of European culture and to show that we are in fact part of the Community at the college, is going to be a great thing and its future is going to be bright.


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