An interview with Jakob Öhrner- Sweden

Meet Jakob Öhrner, 21 years of age and born and raised in Stockholm, Sweden. Only in his 2nd quarter here and already he is a respectable member of multiple clubs, the student body,  and a 4.0 GPA communications student. Does he do all of this by simply sitting in his room doing homework all day? Is he maybe a genius or government build Swedish cyborg? On the contrary, not only is he involved in a big part of the school, he is  also one of the most social guys I have ever met. I sat down with him yesterday to ask how he does it all.


Jakob is from Sweden

Jakob came to Green River Community College onlyfour months ago. He found the College through a travel agency in Sweden and chose it because it was one of the highest quality colleges that is still within a normal price range and also because Green River offers a great mix of cultures and introduces you to so many people from every corner of the planet.

When asking what Jakob thought of the college after he had been here for a while he said, “The College has a really good international programs that not only helps the student survive American school life and American life in general, but also prepares us for the transfer process and the real world”. Everything considered, he loves it!

In the American school system one of the most important things you can do is get involved. Jakob took this idea into consideration and started to begin getting involved. Not before his 1st quarter was halfway done he was: a chairman in the student body ( involved in the making and enforcement of rules and policies), Vice President of the Green River Community College dance club, Vice Chair of the Tech Fee Committee (a committee that decides which department gets money for technology) and he is the Treasurer of European Student Union. If this isn’t enough he does this all voluntarily and has enough time to get a 4.0 (the highest possible score) in every class and  still has enough energy and time to be surrounded by friends from all over the world.

Jakob says, “In order to become successful and happy at Green River Community College , and anywhere else in the world for that matter, you have to open up to different ideas and cultures. Get an open mind and don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone”.

Jakob is a role model for us all.


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