Green River Community College starts off every quarter with an orientation week.  During this week the college organizes activities and volunteers to help make new international students feel as welcome as possible.

Many of these activities take place at the college while others show a little of our environment. Trips to Seattle and the local Wal-Mart are popular and show new international students something about the American culture. But from all these activities, the one that stands out most for me is C.O.R.E. ( Cultural Overnight Recreational Experience).  This activity shows more American culture than others, it helps new students make friends more quickly than any of the others.  I was lucky to be able to attend this quarter’s great C.O.R.E.554980_503525133043609_1330947086_n as a volunteer.

This quarter’s C.O.R.E. was my third C.O.R.E. during the time I have spent here at this pleasant college. My first C.O.R.E. was when I first arrived in America for my orientation week. I had a great time there as a new student and I made a lot of great friends that I still have today. The two other C.O.R.E.’s I went on as a volunteer. Every time I go I expand my group of friends and have a lot of fun!  

C.O.R.E.  takes place at Miracle Ranch (a branch of Crista Camps). Miracle Ranch offers a Wild West themed bungalow park with  helpful staff and a lot of  Wild West themed  activities. In cooperation with the college we always have a great week there.

536112_503524933043629_1570982829_nActivities range from horseback riding to archery. We also go canoeing, play paintball and a wide range of other outdoor sports. There’s no lack of entertainment. Of course there was also time to relax too. We were spoiled with good food and snacks.

C.O.R.E. was a great success and just one of many great things about being an international student at Green River Community College543914_503524616376994_1023677550_n.


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