Baseball game Mariners vs. the Athletics

On May 10th I went to my first baseball game in America. And as a former softball player this was an exciting event for me.IMG_3611

I didn’t play for long in my home country, Sweden. Only for about 2.5 years but I fell in love with the sport right away. I had one opportunity to see a big baseball tournament where Sweden played against Canada (who won), Japan and the Netherlands in 2009. It is not nearly as big an event in Sweden as seeing it in America, so when the opportunity came at GRCC to sign up for a baseball game in Seattle, I did it right away.

I already bought a Mariners sweater my first quarter here (spring, 2012)IMG_3660 because I knew someday I was going to see a baseball game here in America. It was a great experience seeing the big arena at Safeco field. I did not only enjoy watching the game but all the small things that occurred during it was almost more entertaining. On the big TV screens above the field, it told us when to cheer loud, and when to do the wave. It was so much fun doing the wave and watching it ripple around the entire arena. Between the innings they also had some “great baseball events” showing up, like home runs and fun happenings when the players had ran into home plate. There were also quizzes and opportunities to be on the big screen. Unfortunately my friends and I never got on the screen, but people around us did.  I enjoyed that just as much. I brought my softball glove here with me from Sweden and I also bought myself a Mariners cap, I think I can call myself a baseball nerd.

When the game started it didn’t take long until someone broke a bat while hitting, or hit the ball up where we sat. A guy not far away from us caught a baseball! Not too soon after, the Mariners hit a home run! What a great thing to see. When Raul Ibanez (who hit the home run) came out on the field before the game started it almost sounded like the crowd booed him. But after he had hit that homerun, the crowd cheered like crazy!

One thing I was looking forward to hearing was the 7th inning stretch. That is when the audience gets to stand up and stretch and sing “Take me out to the ball game” before the 7th inning begins. This song (started 1882) is a short time-out for the players if they need some rest, and for fans to stand up and stretch and get some late-game snack. The song however was created in 1908, by a man that was going to ask a woman out for a date, but she only accepted if he would take her out to the baseball game. The words were later set to music and played at a ballpark first known time in 1934.


So I stood up, stretched, and sang along to the song. And by the end of this event, The Mariners won against The Athletics by 6-3. What a day!


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