Jakob Öhrner – Green River’s New Student Body President

Jakob Öhrner is an international student from Sweden and the new student body president for Green River Community College. 

When asked why he ran for president, Jakob said, “This is completely out of my comfort zone, but I wanted to try something new and make the most of my time here.”  Jakob plans on transferring to the University of San Francisco fall 2014. He is currently majoring in Communications. 

DSCN0030Jakob’s goals for 2013-14 are to make the student government’s presence known, make sure the voice of the student is heard, and to integrate international and domestic students. “I will be working closely with my vice president, Tika Diagnestya from Indonesia, chief justice Rachel Reynolds and my fellow senators.  We will be working on some big issues like tenure, but we are also excited about trying out some fresh new ideas that we learned about at a recent leadership conference in Colorado. It is going to be an eventful year!” 

We will check in with Jakob later on in the year to see how he is doing.  For now he is on his way back to Sweden for a month to rest up before what will be a very busy year for this European. 

For more information on about ASGRCC, check out this video that was created by one of international students:



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