Dessert Social

Last Friday, September 27th  I attended the “International Dessert Social”, a quarterly event which takes place the first week of the quarter. It is a great place to get to know other international students, review the first week, meet friends and enjoy a good dessert. This time the dessert was ice cream with brownies, and to be honest, who doesn’t want a delicious free dessert and time to connect with others?dessert social

The Dessert Social started at 12 noon and from that moment on it was very busy and loud. There were not only people talking, there was also someone playing the ukulele and several people singing along with him. Many different people from many different countries were talking about culture, food, school, activities and other things. For new students it is a great way to find out what they can do in Seattle area, what are the good classes to take the following quarter or where they can get good food.

At the Dessert Social I learned the word for chopstick in Vietnamese and in Indonesian (Instead of learning to say “Hello” in as many different languages as possible, I decided to learn the word chopstick, and how to pronounce it in 8 different languages). It was also really good to see some of my friends there, some of them I hadn’t talked to for 3 months. I liked hearing stories about their vacation instead of just having a “Hi-Bye” conversation when hurrying to the next class.


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