Halloween at Green River Community College

Green River has a very unique way of celebrating Halloween. Every year there is a big dance party.  I like the Halloween party a lot because many of my friends dress up in all different types of costumes. Some are scary, funny, sexy or clever.

The Halloween event  starts with going to a Halloween store with friends to buy a costume. These stores exist for just a few weeks per year and are full of fun things to decorate the house and for dress up. I bought my costume last summer when I was in the Netherlands, but my friends didn’t have anything to wear. After trying on some costumes, we ended up with 2 skeletons, 1 police officer, a prisoner, and a black swan. I was a Dutch farmer, surprised?


At the party, I didn’t recognize some of my friends because they looked so different than they do in real life. Many of them spent a lot of time dressing up with a great end result. There was a photo booth set up to capture all great costumes.

This year over  600 Green River students came to the Halloween party.  I have to say, that one my favorite costumes there was a friend of mine who dressed as a scary bride.  My only regret, was that I couldn’t dance too much because my wooden shoes made so much noise, but besides  that, it was a great party!


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