European Club at Green River Community College

College clubs in America are very popular. There are many different clubs at Green River Community College.  You can always find a club that represents one of your interests.  If not, you can create it.  One of the clubs at Green River Community College is the European club.   I have the great honor to be the vice-president for this club and last week we had our first meeting.

Approximately 30 people from all over Europe, and also people from outside of Europe, came to this special meeting. For this meeting, our advisors brought some nice cheese, bread, fruit and apple cider. AfteIMG_5648r a short welcome and introduction, we had an ice breaker to help everyone get to know each other.  People had to make groups by the month they were born in.  After the icebreaker, it was time for CHEESE.  I love European cheese and I think everyone else did too. It was very good to see all the people eating, talking together and sharing about the European culture, food and other things. We also had everyone sign the poster with their name and “hello” in their own language.

Soon we will be organizing events to get people more familiar with the European culture, which makes me really excited. Our next meeting is on the 21st.  If you are a current student and would like to join the European Club at Green River then send us a message via Facebook.


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