Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving-mealLast Thursday was Thanksgiving, the day that we are all thankful for the food we have, the people around us, and all the other good things happening to us. Thanksgiving here is most often associated with turkey, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, family, football, parades,  Black Friday shopping,  and charity. It is always celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November.

Last year I celebrated Thanksgiving with many people in my host family. Lots of (international) friends came over to celebrate it with us. The turkey was HUGE, and the other food tasted so good! Seeing all that food made me actually realize how grateful we should be.

Christmas-treeAfter the Thanksgiving meal, many people go to the mall. Some stores open their doors at 12 o’clock midnight, and they have some great deals. I went there last year with two of my friends and we were standing in front of the A&F store, where we were surrounded by so many people! When the doors opened at exactly 00.00, everyone was pushing to get in the store as soon as possible. It was very dangerous, but also really fun to experience at least once.

This year I celebrated Thanksgiving with my host family and friends. I passed on the Black Friday experience, and instead did something really useful: I  helped  with setting up a Christmas tree and other Christmas decorations in a retirement home. Retirement homes here are so cozy and beautiful! I spoke to some women and figured out that there were two Dutch ladies living there. It was very nice to meet them. I find volunteering a much better way to spend the Black Friday.


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