Seahawks win the Super Bowl!

Seattle SeahawksYou might think “Super Bowl” what’s that? Don’t be ashamed, because I thought the same until a few weeks ago. The Super Bowl is the most important American football (don’t confuse it with soccer) contest of the year. In this contest the two top NFL (National Football League) teams compete to be the best in America. Now I hear what you are thinking, so what. In America football is more popular than soccer. Americans are really good at football and supporting their team. So instead of cheering for their country with soccer, they cheer for their state team. This event is almost considered a national holiday. It is a tradition to watch the Super Bowl with friends and family. Many watch just for the commercials that are shown during the break. Some companies  spend as much as 4 million dollars for a 30 second spot because they know it is the most watched television happening in America. blue bread

Seattle’s team is called the “Seahawks.” It’s an underdog team. It has never won the Super Bowl.  The last time they were in the Super Bowl was in 2005.

However, this year was different. In the play offs, they won almost everything, not only the games, but they also won a contest for loudest audience in the world! The Seahawk fans are really enthusiastic about their team. There is even a special name for the supporter, they are called “the 12th man” because  there are 11 people on the field, and the 12th man is the supporter.

When the Seahawks  started winning a lot of games, more and  more people started to wear their jerseys.  The 2 weeks before the Super Bowl was crazy.  A lot of people had  Seahawks flags and stickers on their car, they wore Seahawks clothes,  bought Seahawks cupcakes (blue or green cupcakes with a 12 on it), they updated their Facebook statuses with Seahawks messages, and I even saw blue and green bread! On Friday, two days before the Super Bowl, many people wore their jerseys to work and school.  In fact, Green River got in the spirit and took a photo out in the commons.

I watched the game on a huge television with some Americans. They were all really excited for the game to start, and all of us were wearing our Seahawks t-shirts. For me, it was the first time I watched Football, so I didn’t know any of the rules. It works almost the same as soccer, if you get the ball to the side of the other team, you get a point (or 2, 3 or 6). You cheer if your team scores a point, and you’re sad if the other team scores a point. It wasn’t hard to follow the game, especially because the Seahawks scored points so fast! Until the fourth quarter, the score of the opposite team, the Broncos, stayed 0. The end score was: Seahawks 43, broncos 8. This Super Bowl victory was the first one for the Seahawks in the history, so it was extra special.


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