Nordic Heritage Museum and Alki Beach

The groupLast Saturday, the European Club organized an event to the Nordic Heritage Museum and Alki beach. As the president of the European club I of course joined. A total of 19 people came on the trip, and I think each one of them enjoyed it.

First we went to the Nordic Heritage Museum, a museum that shares Nordic culture and tells the history of the first Scandinavian people that settled in America. The museum was pretty fun. There were many exhibits like stores, neighborhoods  and other things rebuilt from the old days.

After the Nordic Heritage Museum, we drove to Nouveau Bakery, a really good French bakery, to get yummy sandwiches and other pastries. I really enjoyed the macaroons there.

After we all got our sandwiches, we went to eat them on Alki beach, which is a beach with view on the Seattle skyline. The weather predictions were not that good, but luckily we kept dry and we even had a little sun.Nordic Heritage Museum


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