Hiking at Mt. Rainier

photo 1In late May, I went to see all the beauty that mount Rainier offers with some friends and someone that knows Mt. Rainier very well.  I went up the mountain last year with my host family, but it is always nice to go somewhere in a different time of the year. The roads and some trails just opened after being closed for the winter. When we were getting close to the mountain, there was a lot of snow next to the roads. It made me feel as if we were back in the winter again.

Bruce, our guide for the day, took us first to a place with HUGE trees. To get to those trees, we needed to cross a bridge over a river. Some of the trees were chopped or fallen down. There were wooden paths through these trees.

We drove on and stopped at some other awesome places. We saw a very deep cliff that is photo 3made by water that goes through it. The log was really deep and very spectacular.

A little bit further on, there was a big waterfall. Bruce thought that the path down to the waterfall was still closed, but we were lucky and were able to get down. Though the way down was a little scary because wtarethere was still half a meter of snow on the trail. The waterfall was photo 4gorgeous.

We really wanted to go hiking as well, but because it started to get a little late and everyone got a bit tired and hungry, we decided to go to Bruces house and spend a little time on the lake that is behind his house. That was so awesome because there are a lot of big houses on the lake, so we were amazed by the beautiful homes. We spent the rest of the evening playing pickleball.  It is a mixture of badminton, tennis, ping pong and some other racket and ball games.
boat group     tom


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