European club voted club of the year!

The week before finals, Student Life organized an awards banquet to recognize all the great clubs and organizations for the year.  Club and organization leaders and advisors are invited to this event and are given certificates and awards to show appreciation for their contributions for that year.

My friend Jytte (Vice-president of the European Club) and I (president of the European Club) got chosen by the European club advisor, Lansing, to attend the dinner. At the awards banquet, they also give out an award for the best event, best advisor and best club of the year.  My dream was to win one of those awards.

From left: Lansing Bryan, Jytte Hendrikse, Kiki van Essen

From left: Lansing Bryan, Jytte Hendrikse, Kiki van Essen

At the very end of the banquet, those prizes were given out.  I was really nervous. The first prize that was given out, the one for the best event, was won by the Ministery of Madness, an improv club at Green River. They organized an event to raise money with humor. Than it was time for the second award, the one for the best Club of the year. The presenter told a story about a club that organized events like ice skating, berry picking, roller skating and a museum trip. When I heard the description, I  knew that we had won! The European Club got the best club of the year award!!! I was so happy!  After we got the prize, the presenter told us to stay on the stage, because she wanted to announce that the European Club Advisor won the Club Advisor of the year! The European club not only has the best club,  but also the best advisor! 🙂

If you would like to join our club next fall, let me know.



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