What to expect your first quarter at Green River C

DSCN1314Going abroad is a big step, so you want to be sure you don’t get into some kind of creepy place, or somewhere that no one helps you out. Fortunately, Green River offers a lot of help to new international students.

Help starts from the moment you arrive at the airport in Seattle. Green River provides an  airport pick-up service , where they match you up with one of the many drivers or host families they have. This means you don’t have to worry about finding the right bus, or trying to explain a taxi-driver how to get to Green River.

After arrival, there are a few days of orientation, in which you get to learn about the American Culture, you learn how the system works (healthcare, safety, etc.). And one of the most important aspects of orientation is getting to meet new friends. There are two completely free activities during orientation week, a Seattle-trip and a overnight camping trip (C.O.R.E.). These activities are very good for getting to know more people and building new friendships.

When the quarter starts, new students are not completely left on their own. There are two mandatory classes: International Student College Experience and Foundation For Success (FFS).

International Student College Experience mainly focuses on academic success; it teaches about the way the American classroom works, as well as communication with teachers and American students, homework expectations and plagiarism.

In the FFS class, the focus is more on the personal success of being in a completely new environment. All new students have a peer mentor who is guides them during the first eight weeks of their student life. Students will get to know how to manage stress, how to spend their money efficiently, and how to get around the area.

kiki-mamtha-cherylAll these programs are created to help you succeed and to help you not to feel lonely or completely overwhelmed in a new culture. Of course these programs are not a guarantee that a culture shock is not going to happen, but it gives you the opportunity to not feel lonely when you arrive in a completely new country.

When I arrived for my first quarter at Green River, I was really homesick. I wanted to go home a few days after arrival. But because of the students around me, and the friends I made, I started to feel comfortable here. Orientation and the introductory classes for students helped me make new friends and the many resources on campus helped me to feel at home.  Now I don’t want to leave Green River.


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