What is it like to study at Green River?

Four new Dutch students arrived at Green River College this past fall. They have had one quarter of classes and are now in their second quarter.  We reflect back on how their first quarter went, what they like about their GAP year and tips for future students. This time, we’ll be talking with Milou Tromp from Nijmegen.

DSC00467“Green River offers many different activities for students. I have been to the Fright Fest (a Halloween party in an amusement park), the Halloween Party, the German town, Leavenworth, a basketball game with friends and last weekend, I went skiing in Whistler, Canada. I like Green River because the school is relatively small but there are many international students. Because of this, I know and recognize many different people. The number of international students is both good and bad.  I have many different friends from all over the world who are all going through similar situations as I am, but it also makes it hard to get to know American students because I have created friendships already.

DSC00103There are many different ways to get to know new people here. The orientation has a Seattle trip and an overnight camp (CORE) on the schedule. Through these activities, I got to know a lot of people. Not only those trips, but also the breakfast and lunch at school and the campus tour was very helpful. I also got enrolled in the Foundation For Success program, a program in which current students help new students get used to the American culture, education system and life in a new country.

For students who are considering a GAP year or study abroad, I would say, do it!  Don’t let your doubts stop you. You will not regret going abroad, even though it can sometimes be hard. There are always people who want to help you, you just have to reach out to them.”


New Dutch students. Left to right: Iman, Casper, Walter, Milou, Christine


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