Christine Blok takes a Gap Year at Green River


Today we talk to Christine Blok, a Dutch student from Leiden who is in her second quarter at Green River. She talks about enjoying her friends, classes and exploring the area.

“I’ve had a great time so far, starting from orientation on. During the first week in America, the orientation kept me very busy, which gets your mind off home. I got to know a lot of people, mainly because you all go through the same things together and you can depend on each other for help. With the friends I’ve made, I like to go out for dinner, or chill.

I’ve taken a few courses I never thought I would take. I tried kickboxing, political science, and psychology. I really liked the courses, they were really interesting. Advisers have good resourceĀ for finding fun classes, and friends are very helpful as well in picking the fun classes.

At the Space NeedleDuring the winter break, I visited a lot of different places. Olympic National Park and Portland were nice to go to. Going to the Space Needle right before sunset is very beautiful, because the view on the city. For another good view of Seattle, Kerry Park is a good place to visit. It is really good to have friends with cars so that you can see places like these. I still want to go to Canada, which is only 3 hours from here.

For people who are considering a GAP-year, I would recommend to just do it. You get to do things you might have never done. During such a GAP-year it is really important to open yourself up and just experience things, get out of your comfort-zone.”DSC_0036


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