Roadtrip to Vancouver


In the car

Spring beak is a great time to travel around and see a bit more of the country. Since Canada is only three hours away from Auburn, Washington, me and 9 of my friends decided to take a road trip and check it out.

We left really early in the morning and we packed plenty of cookies and snacks to make it to the border. It is highly recommendable to get to the border early in the morning. Our wait to cross the border was only 15 minutes, but I’ve heard people say they waited for about 2 hours.


Yummy food in Granville Island

Our first stop was Granville Island, an artistic island with lots of little stores and a great covered market. Many different countries are represented in the food and the small bakeries.  This is a great place to have some lunch.

After our lunch break we went to Stanley Park. This park is very nice for a long hike. The view of the city and the beautiful nature makes it really worth visiting. Besides that, it is the largest urban park in Vancouver.

Vancouver, Canada is great to visit if you study in Washington state. Keep in mind that in order to cross the border you’ll need some the following:

  • Valid passport with a valid student visa
  • An i-20 form with a signature within 6 months
  • Optional for some countries, a VISA for Canada

Happy travels!

FullSizeRender (2)

Stanley park with the group





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