The Beautiful Snoqualmie Falls

IMG_9650 (2)Washington State is full of beautiful scenery. The most well-known mountain in the state, Mount Rainier, is visible from many places. But not only Mt. Rainier is beautiful to see, the many forests, waterfalls and lakes make this state great.

One of the main tourist attractions in Washington State is Snoqualmie Falls located about 30 minutes from Green River College.  Not only is the waterfall great, but also the drive which shows all the beauty that Washington State has to offer. It is almost like driving through the Alps.

At the beginning of April, I went there with my Dutch friend, Milou. The amount of water on the waterfall was very low. In contrast, last winter the amount of water was historically high. Seeing the differences in nature makes Washington State such a special place to study.

IMG_9648 (2)

Snoqualmie Falls in the Spring


Snoqualmie Falls in the winter


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