Graduation at Green River College


previous host family came to watch the graduation

Last week was graduation, and because I have spent the last two years at Green River and I took all the requirements for an Associates Degree, I got a chance to walk in an American graduation and celebrate all the hard work I have achieved in those past two years.

Not only did I graduate, but a lot of my friends did too and they got to walk along side me.  The ceremony started with a bagpipe marching band leading the procession.   It was amazing seeing so many people in the stadium which is usually used as an ice skating rink. Many of my friends who weren’t graduating showed up in the audience to cheer us on.
Some of the teachers gave speeches and awards were given to students, but the main part of the ceremony was getting our diploma. I was a little nervous going up on stage, but actually getting the diploma and walking off stage and thinking back of what I have done at Green River for the last two years made me feel really proud of myself. Of course, when everyone got their diploma and after we moved our tassel to the left side of our caps (which represents you being officially graduated), we got to throw our caps in the air. Marching out of the big hall and being surrounded by my AMAZING teachers was great. Their hard work, dedication and passion for teaching, is what helped me get to where I am now.DSC_0233

Graduation ends with taking photos with the friends, family and teachers. It was so great seeing everyone celebrating and being happy for you to enter a new stage in life. I can really say that Green River has given me so many friends, inspirational teachers and people who I would consider family.


My AMAZING communication teachers


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