First weeks, Love it!

Hi everybody!

Today I am for the 8th week in the United states. I have done so many amazing things already but I will start at the beginning…

It all started a few months ago when I decided that I wanted to study abroad. After some research I decided to go to the United States and I contacted an agency that helped me on my way. My first visa was denied in Amsterdam, two weeks before my plane left!

After I heard my visa was denied I was really afraid I would not be able to come to the United States. Luckily with the help of Green River College and the letter of recommendation they wrote I was able to get my Visa within two weeks at the 20150909_081254embassy in Brussels. So I made my goodbyes and flew to the United States

When I came to the United states everything was new and exiting. The roads, the weather, the surrounding, even the time felt like a huge difference! I adapted to most things rather quickly, especially the weather. The jet lag lasted for 2 weeks and then I was completely adapted to the new time zone.

From the moment I arrived at the campus corner apartments (CCA) there have been so many activities. From hiking trips to movie nights. There is always something to do at the apartments. But also at Green River College itself there are a lot of nice things to do. Especially in the beginning there were a lot of different activities. CORE. was the biggest one of all! During CORE all the international students visit a ranch in Washington. At this ranch they participate in all sorts of activities, such as paintball, horseback riding, archery, campfire, and an amazing dance party!

After the introduction week the classes started and things went fast. There are still nice activities every weekend and there is always something exciting to do. I will keep you all posted about all the great things that I will experience at Green River College!



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