The first European club meeting of 2015-2016

The first meeting of the European club of this academic year is a fact! Thursday 12th of November the first meeting happened.

The meeting started with President Gouresh Kamble explaining everything about the European club to its newest members. The European club is meant for Europeans (of course) and for everyone who is interested in European culture. Every two weeks there will be a meeting for members and people who are interested in the European club. The Facebook page will explain more about the activities that happen during each meeting.

The first meeting kicked of with a lot of interesting and fun games that helped people to get to know each other. It started with a short introduction round, everyone introduced themselves. In total 20 people came to the first meeting, including people from the United States, Sweden, the Netherlands, China, the UK, Norway, Vietnam, Costa Rica, Venezuela and Portugal.


After the introduction round the students did multiple games to get to know each other like 2 trues and a lie. During this game a student needed to tell 3 things about him or herself. Two of these statements were true, one was false. If the other students could guess the lie, the student who made the statements was out of the game, if they guessed the wrong one however…the guesser was out of the game!

After a lot of laughing and getting to know  more about each other the first voting happened for the activities the coming meetings. Things like cooking, European games and European movie night were all voted for. Are you as enthusiastic as me? Visit the European Facebook page for more information about when these activities will happen.

The European club hopes to see more member soon and will have a lot of more fun activities during this academic year!

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