Hidden Pearls

Hi everyone!

To answer the first question many of you might have, No…I am not talking about literal hidden pearls. I would like to talk today about some really cool things I have been doing lately.

In my first quarter I started doing Archery at Green River College (The class is super cool!) 20160108_040613062_iOS, now the quarter is finished and so is archery. When it just finished I felt sad because I enjoyed archery very much, therefor my friend (whom I met in my archery class) invited me to join her to the archery range at the Tacoma co20151207_214337671_iOSmmunity center. Now every Thursday
we go to the Archery range together and for 7$ we can borrow equipment, shoot arrows and most important; learn how to shoot arrows! Everyone who likes archery should definitely give this a ‘shot’!


EMP museum and Space Needle
As most of you know Green River College organizes events weekly and last week I joined the event to the Space Needle and the EMP museum. For only 15$ they organized a trip to Seattle including tickets for both the EMP museum and the Space needle. Both where really cool! the EMP museum was like stepping into a movie most of the time and they had a lot of music instruments to play on!

The Space needle gave an amazing view and when I showed my family the photos I took, they did not believe the photos were real at first.

White River Valley Museum
A lot of students who arrive and leave green River College will learn little about the local history. For example, did you know that a big part of the original colonists from this area came from Japan? Or that the colonists used to call this area the White River Valley. There is even an entire town build inside the museum. And the best thing? It is 5 minutes walking from the Safeway and only costs a few dollar. Visit the White River Valley Museum website for more information.



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