Hello everyone!

My name is Milou Tromp, I am a 19 year old international student from The Netherlands and I am majoring in Criminal Justice.

I originally came here as a gap year student in 2014. I had the time of my life here; I lived in a great host family for 6 months, I lived on campus for 3 months, made a lot of friends, travelled on the weekends, and a lot more! Even though I loved living here, I decided to go back to The Netherlands to start studying there. Unfortunately that didn’t really work out and I decided to get my Associate in Arts degree in America.

In the summer of 2016 I moved to Santa Barbara, California, to study at Santa Barbara City College. Santa Barbara City College was absolutely beautiful, the campus was just a minute away from the ocean, the weather was always good, and I made some good friends there. Even though I loved it there, I couldn’t get all the classes I needed in Santa Barbara so I transferred back to Green River for my last two quarters. So here I am, back where it all started!

I am super excited to graduate in June and to start studying Law at a university in The Netherlands. I am looking forward to keeping you up to date on my journey.


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