Meet Tessa, another Dutchie!


Tessa Vermeer is a 17 year old Dutch student who is doing the two quarter gap year program at Green river.

Why did you choose to do a Gap year?
I already knew what I wanted to study in The Netherlands, but I would graduate in 4 years if I would have started studying right after high school. To start working after those 4 years, when I’m only 21, was a little too quick for me. So I decided to go abroad.

Why did you choose to go to Green River?
I had to choose between several universities in America. I chose Green River because of their international program and because they have apartments on campus (CCA).


What is your first impression of Green River?
Very positive; the employees are very open and they genuinely want to help. It is completely different from what I am used to. My high school was relatively small compared to Green River, there are so many buildings here!img_1554

What do you do to get involved around campus?
I go to a lot of activities that the school offers. Some of these activities are a little expensive but there are a lot of fun ones that are cheap as well! I also joined some clubs such as the math and the physics club. I try to go to as many activities as possible, and most importantly I try to be open to meet new people.

You live in CCA, how do you like it so far?
I had to get used to living with three other girls in the beginning, two of them didn’t talk so it didn’t really make me feel at home. I am very happy I became friends with the one of my roommates. I also wasn’t used to doing laundry myself or doing my own groceries so that was also something I had to get used to. I am really happy to live in CCA now that I got used to everything, I love that there is a lot of freedom.

What are you planning to do when you get back to The Netherlands?
I am going to study mechanical engineering in Eindhoven. Eindhoven is a city in The Netherlands that is super close to my hometown. I chose Eindhoven because it is a fun city and a very good university.

Do you have any tips for new students?img_1555
Join as many activities as you can, do not stay in your room and try to get in touch with other students. Try to make it feel like home here, don’t see being here as being far away from your home country but make it your second home because it is going to be a long six months (or however long you are staying) if you don’t.


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