Say hi to Ana, another international student


Ana Ballesta is an 18 year old international student from Uruguay. She is trying to get her Associates in Arts degree here at Green River College.

Why did you decide to study at Green River College?
I decided to study at Green River College because I spent two months in EF Seattle (language school) and I loved Washington State, so I decided to start my education here. When I did my research I found out about Green River College and how welcoming they are to international students so I decided Green River College was the place to start.

How do you like Green River College so far?
So far my experience has been great. I love the campus, the people here are really nice and welcoming and the classes I am taking this quarter are going good.


Campus Corner Apartments


How do you like Campus Corner Apartments (CCA) so far?
CCA is a really good place to live, especially when you just get here. I like it because it’s next to the campus, and because you live close to your friends. I was lucky that I became friends with one of my roommates this makes the experience at CCA way better.



What do you do as an international student to get involved around school?
Getting involved around school is really important, mostly when you are new because you get to meet new people. Personally, I joined the European club and I’m always looking for events. There is always something going on on-campus, and most times it is really fun to join those events.


What are you trying to achieve at Green River College?
I’m here at Green River College trying to achieve my Associates in Arts (AA) degree, and then transfer to a 4 year university.

What are your plans after Green River College?
I haven’t decided exactly what my plans are after I finish here at Green River College, my major is International Relations but I’m still considering whether to transfer to a university in America or Europe. But there is still time :).


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