4 tips to starting spring quarter off with success

Spring quarter has started so it is time to get back in your school rhythm; early mornings, full days of class, homework… we all know the drill. I have some tips to start off your spring quarter good

  1. Get your textbooks and notebooks on time
    When classes start it is easiest to have your school supplies ready to use. Professors often use the first class to go over the syllabus and they will tell you what book(s) you will need for that class.
  2. Make friends in your classes
    There are so many new people to meet every quarter. Use the first few days to make some friends in your classes. It’ll make the classes a lot more fun if you have someone to talk to.
  3. Planning
    Now that school has started, homework will be part of our everyday lives again as well. Plan in your homework so you won’t get behind in your classes in the beginning.
  4. Just enjoy and have fun!
    Spring is beautiful here, so take some time in between classes to enjoy it!
    4 tips for spring.jpg

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