Why I returned to Green River

15697805_10154359736518892_7025813562209681156_nAs some of you might know, I have not been studying at Green River the whole time. I came to GRC in 2014 as a Gap year student, went home for a year, then I went to SBCC for a semester and returned back to GRC in December 2016. There is a huge difference between the two colleges and how they work. I figured it might be easy to explain the differences between the two colleges and explain why I decided to transfer back to GRC.

Green River College: located in Auburn, Washington (south of Seattle)

  • Little further away from the big city
  • Quarterly system: 3 quarters in one year. This means that you can take more credits thumbnail_IMG_1970.jpgin total in an academic year, and thus finish your degree faster
  • Relatively small college
  • Lots of help and support from advisors
  • Advisors reach out to students, especially in the beginning
  • Introduction week: camp, Seattle trip, English and math assessment test
  • Peer volunteers and peer mentors: older students who are mentoring the new students
  • Smaller classrooms, so smaller classes
  • Housing on campus called Campus Corner Apartments
  • “Community feeling” around campus

Santa Barbara City College: located in Santa Barbara, California

  • In the middle of the city
  • Semester based: 2 semesters in one year. This means you can take less credits in a year so it takes a little longer to get your degree
  • Much bigger college
  • You have to reach out to advisors for help (more independent)
  • Introduction week: more practical, beach BBQ/party the last day
  • Bigger classrooms, so bigger classes but there are a lot of other housing arrangements. The school has a housing department that can help you find housing that suits youIMG_2013

So after making a lot of pros and cons lists of both colleges, I realized it was better for me academically to go back to back to GRC to finish my degree on time.



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